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Mobility Wet Rooms.

These wet rooms are very much like our standard wet rooms but they have been designed and built for people unable to use a conventional bath. These wet rooms or walk in showers are our speciality.

If you still like a bath but find it difficult to get into. Consider having it lower. So the floor of the bath is at the same level as the floor of the room. (Depending on pipe work for waste). The bath side is not very high then and it is not difficult to step over. The main difficulty with getting into a normal bath is the difference in levels, not the height of the bath side.

Some colour examples of safety floor. Click to enlarge.

Altro vinyl floor

LargeWet Room.

This was a large office that we converted to a Wet Room with a wall hung WC.

All pipe work was buried. The walls tiled with a white tile.

It was on the ground floor and we reformed the wooden floor sheeting it over with ply and installed the drain gully.

The WC was competely automatic. It had a flush sensor, warm spray wash jet, warm air drier and an odour extractor.

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Basin and shower


Power WC

Sevenoaks Wet Room.

Adrian's Wet Room.

This was a small bathroom that we converted to a Wet Room.

All pipe work was buried apart from the soil pipe which was too large and taking the washing machine waste from next door. The walls tiled with a white tile.

It was on the ground floor and we began by breaking up the concrete floor to install the drain gully.

We fixed a tile trim around the walls and began to tile up from it.

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Shower area

Wet Room

WC & Basin

Floor cemented in.

We begin tiling

Adrian's Wet Room.

Mr Last's Wet Room.

This was a separate bathroom and WC which made the bath area very small. The bath was only 1600 mm long. Finding it increasingly difficult to use the bath, they wanted a shower.

So we suggested a wet room. The wall was removed and one of the doors was boarded and plastered. The floor was sloped into a gully, sheeted with ply and that covered with Altro marine non slip.

All pipe work was buried and a semi pedestal fitted to give a clear floor area. The walls tiled with a white ripple tile with a blue border.

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Shower area

WC & Basin

WC & Basin.

Mirror Basin & WC

Mr Last's Wet Room.

Mrs Thompton's Wet Room.

This was a very long and narrow en' suite, with a shower enclosure at one end. This had a very high tray, which was impossible for Mrs Thompton's mother to climb into.

So we stripped the room and laid a shower waste into the floor, which was covered with safety flooring. We added a narrow cloakroom basin onto the wall to overcome the lack of width of the room.

What Caroline Thompton had to say.

Testimonial for Apollo Design

"My disabled mother's move to a bungalow was dependent on a wet room being available. The plumber that looked at the existing small shower room said he wasn't sure it would be possible. However, Alan came and had a look and said 'no problem'. And it wasn't! Apollo arrived on time, left sooner than anticipated, had some good ideas, and did an excellent job. Everyone has since commented on how well the wet room works and how much lighter and better it looks than before. We are very pleased and would recommend the company."

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Shower area

WC & Basin

Mrs Thompton's Wet Room.

Bathroom to a wet room..

This was a slightly larger than average bathroom.
So it does make a spacious wet room. We removed the bath, Plumbed in the shower and laid in a shower drain gully.We also fitted a corner basin vanity to give even more feel of space.

We fully tiled the walls in a light beige of Mrs Parks choice. Then tiled the floor with a matching floor tile.

Grab handles and a fold down seat were also fitted.

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Shower area

Fold down seat

Basin vanity.

Mrs Parks disability Wet Room.

Rose and Crown Hotel in Colchester.

The Rose and Crown Hotel in Colchester is the oldest hotel in the town.
It originated as a coaching inn.
They needed to have disabled facilities available. So they asked us to convert one of their bathrooms into a wet room.

First we took out the bath, hand basin and WC. Then we striped off all the tiles and broke up the concrete floor.
It actually looks worse than it is. But the floor has to be re laid to give it a slight slope into the gully which also has to be piped into the soil drain.

All pipe work was buried and a semi pedestal fitted to give a clear floor area. The walls were tiled with beige and brown tiles which gave it a nice soft warm feel.
A fold up seat was bolted to the wall so the shower could be used by all customers. Grab handles were also bolted to the walls. A towel rail radiator was also fitted.

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Rose & Crown

Goodbye floor

WC & Basin.

The Rose and Crowns disabled Wet Room.

Bathroom to Wet Room.

This was an ordinary bathroom in a bungalow.We removed the bath, dug up the concrete floor and fitted a shower gully.
We fully tiled the walls, fitted a folding shower seat and some grab handles.
Mr Mitchell was very pleased and was quite surprised at how much more room he had.

Mr Mitchell's Wet Room.

More with Altro safety floors..

This is yet another two mobility wet rooms. both with the same colour flooring. Though it does not look like it because of the light. Perhaps I should study photography? The floor is Sea grass, which is a grey green that goes with almost anything.I think that the neutral colours are best. The bright, bold blues look a bit harsh and can clash with everything. A floor looks totally different down, compared to looking at a pattern.

Altro safety floor again.

This is yet another mobility wet room. very similar to the above. This one has a Mira thermostatic shower which prevents scolding.

This wet room was a bedroom. Almost any room can be made into a wet room.

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Walk in.

Building a wet room.

This was a small downstairs room that already had a shower cubicle and WC in it.
The cubicle was too clumber some for an elderly person and left no room to move.
We began by stripping the room. Chased in the pipe for the cistern. Then we cut a channel in the floor, cut through the wall below the damp course for the shower and basin waste.

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The pipe work for the new basin was moved. We then put a cement screed over the floor sloping into the waste. You can just see the shower waste in the floor

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The floor was then covered with non slip Altro marine vinyl flooring.

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It was then tiled and a vanity unit fitted. A fold down seat was bolted to the wall under the shower and then the WC was fitted.

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