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Our Bathrooms.

Stone cutting.       

We have no problem cutting the toughest stone tiles.

Mr Young's Bathroom.

One of our smarter bathrooms with a designer vanity unit from Frontline. It is a modern look in shades of grey.
We also installed a 'P' shape bath for extra showering room.

Smart Vanity Unit

Frontline vanity unit.

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Stone effect brick style

Scotts Bathroom.

I know I have said many times not to use dark tiles. But, this is a large bathroom, twice the average, with a shower and a bath.
So dark can look good but you need a large room or extra lighting.

New Bathroom.

This was a cramped old bathroom. The bath used to run length ways, under the window with the hand basin to it's left on far wall. This left little or no room.
We began by fitting a large mirror onto the wall. This helps give a feeling of space and makes the room look bigger. This is well worth doing and is an attractive feature. Don't buy a mirror with holes in. A glass supplier will cut you a mirror glass to the size you want. Then fix it to the wall with tile adhesive, add a tile border and tile round it. The bath has been moved to fit across the far wall. The hand basin was fitted under the window. This gives far more room and makes the room feel quite spacious.

The floor is a laminate and came from Topps Tiles.

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Black and White Theme.
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New Bathroom.

Black and White Theme.

Hand Basin.

The Basin is bolted to the wall and has a half pedestal to hide the pipe work, which had to be brought across under the floor and buried in the wall. this gives the illusion of more floor space.

Half pedestal



This bathroom is as neat and clean as you can get.

Clean lines

Hidden pipe work.

Bath Panel.

Again with neatness in mind we mounted the Victorian taps on the wall to give a very modern and up market look. Although it meant burying more pipes it was not too difficult.
Actually, with the width of the room being less than a standard bath we cheated by cutting the tap end off of a standard 1500 bath. Non standard baths are a lot more expensive. This one was £135.00. There is no need to pay more.
We fitted a shower screen and made the bath panel, bringing it out from the bath like a wall and tiled it to give a more solid look.

screen folds flat to wall

Bath and Screen.

Stunning Bathroom.

If you have got the room you can produce a showroom bathroom.
This beautiful bathroom is really quite stunning. It has a 'wet' area for showering.

To see how this bathroom was done; Click Here.

Folded shower screen

A lot of storage

Maggie Erickson's Bathroom.

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Mr James's other bathroom.

This is Mr James' main bathroom. After we made his en-suite into a wet room and his downstairs shower room into a wet room (see our wet rooms), we refurbished his main bathroom in a cottage/farmhouse style.

Farmhouse look

Novelty Loo.

This really is a gents urinal. It is in an upmarket restaurant in Thailand, complete with a flush button on the wall. Yes it is real, I used it. And no you can't have one, I do not know where it came from. Besides it is a bit tricky for the ladies.

Novelty Loo

From one extreme to the other.

This is a loo in an old temple in Thailand. You have to squat on the pan, then flush with the red bailer. It does not have a hand basin. Not the most up to date facility. You can't have one of these either.

Old Loo

Novelty Basin.

Yes, you can have this. We fitted this rather colourful basin. But it is not that practical.
Sorry but I took the photo before the room was finished.

Novelty Basin

Finished now.

Customer wanted this natural slate. I still think it is a bit dark, but it does look different.

Finished room.

Natural slate.

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Dark slate.

Another natural slate tile. Again the customer chose these. They were sealed with a thick sealer that made them even darker. This room did not have a window, so no natural light. But with a number of good spot lights the effect was quite good. The shower area was tiled with a ribbed porcelain tile to give a slight waterfall effect.
Still a bit dark for my liking. .

Vanity units

Folding shower screen.

Tall cupboard.


Dark slate.

Sparkly Porcelain.

Another choice by the customer. Although the tiles are grey they did not seem to darken the room. They were a porcelain tile with small mirrored flakes in the surface which sparkled in the light. We also put a column of porcelain mosaic tiles up the shower area and next to the basin. They cost almost two thousand pounds. A bit steep I thought. But nice.
The floor was done by the customer with broken tiles before we started. Took about two months but again effective. I was impressed, but no, don't ask me to do it. .

Bath and WC


Curved towel rail.

Bath with central taps

Smashed tile floor

Smashed tile floor.

Black and white theme.

White tiles can look good and not cold and clinical. This white tiled bathroom had the smallest black border but was accessorised with black towels , pots and ornaments.
It has white vanity units with a black top and beautiful black gloss porcelain floor tiles.
The result is quite stunning.
It is not fashionable and will not date. A lot of people are going for a stone effect tile. Not only stone tiles but stone effect ceramic tiles. These are all beige (ish) in colour, often matt and look can dull and dingy. They look great when in the showroom but when every wall is covered with them........... .

Black top.

Black floor


Julie's Bathroom.

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Natural stone.

OK, I know this is not your usual bathroom. But I thought I would show that we also do the extravagant. This room is 3m x 3m. Has two wall hung vanity basins and a wall hung WC as well as a walk in shower and free standing bath. Under floor heating was laid before the tiles. The walls and floor are finished in a large travertine tile. These are more expensive to put up because every cut has to be done on a wet cutter.

It is very lovely, but you do need some serious room to show it at its best.

To see how this bathroom was done; Click Here. .


Towel rail

Wall hung WC

Shower Screens


Another black and white theme.

This large bathroom has made good use of two colours for the tiles. Both tiles have a slight marble effect on them. Marble effect tiles are a safe bet. They are unlikely to go out of fashion, (not since ancient Greece anyway) as long as the patten is not too strong.

Quadrant shower enclosure.

Offset corner bath

Basin vanity

Mrs Burse's Bathroom.

Here is a retro traditional look.

Except for the shower maybe? This is a long and narrow room with nowhere to fit a shower. So we fitted a 'D' shaped shower on one wall. The Basin vanity and WC are very traditional. .

Basin vanity

Ben's Bathroom.

OK so it's not white.

This is actually a wet room with glass screens. I do not see the point of screens, especially if the room is a fair size. It just means more cleaning.

The choice of tiles was not mine. They do look different, are quite effective, and I thought you might to see something a bit more colourful. But not my choice. Someone said they look very Paul Smith?


MMM Colourful.

Grey Theme.

This is an old cottage with a cottage style bathroom. The suite is traditional and the tiles a porcelain slate style.

Grey Slate.

Brown theme.

This brown theme is a pleasant warm look. The floor tiles are a full brown and the wall tiles are a light shade. They are not quite a marble, a sort of cross between marble and stone. Matching vanity and bath panel. An illuminated mirror. The shower screen has not yet been fitted

Mr Cracknel's Bathroom.

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Sunken bath.

Here we fitted a huge sunken bath, more like a swimming pool. There is a large shower enclosure at the other end of the room. We half tiled the walls and laminated the floor.
This is a very modern bathroom and looks the part. But the house was purpose built and you would need to convert your living room to get it to look like this. This is our one extravagant bathroom to show you, we thought it looked very good.

Inset mirror with small border tile.

Curved shower screen

Half pedestal with towel rail

Mrs Postle's Bathroom.

Shaped bath.

This bathroom has a half pedestal. This meant burying the pipes in the wall and running the bath waste under the floor.
The tiles are a faint marble with a blue border and we mounted a large mirror into the tiles. This makes a bathroom appear much bigger.

Inset mirror with small border tile.

Curved shower screen

Half pedestal with towel rail

Lorna's Bathroom.

Marble Wall.

This is a normal small bathroom. We tiled the floor with a large marble style floor tile and placed a row up from the bath with a matching border running around the room. I thought it was quite effective. This bathroom also had a pair of vanity units fitted for the WC and Basin. They were supplied by "" I was quite impressed by the quality of their units. We have fitted them before and they are very good but the instructions do leave a lot to be desired.

Inset mirror with small border tile.

Curved shower screen

Half pedestal with towel rail

Dr. Jaleel's Bathroom.

Clean bright white.

We fully tiled the room. It is a small bathroom because there is a separate WC.

What Terry has to say.

Hello Alan,

I have at last had a chance to e-mail you and thank your for the work on our bathroom.
Helen was really pleased with the bathroom and toilet when she saw them for the first time.
We are all getting used to our new found luxurious bathroom and enjoying using it.

Would you be interested in carrying out more work for us?

Take care

Terry and Helen

Our economy suite

Terry's Bathroom.

Fed up with white tiles?
How about black tiles in another Black and White Theme?

Another Black & White theme.

Or is it 'Another brick in the wall'?   We don't want no............

Brick patten

Black brick style.

Another Inset Mirror.

This bathroom has been tiled with pale marble effect tiles which are light enough to make the room seem bigger and lighter.Again we mounted a large mirror into the tiles. The floor was laminated with tile effect laminate.

Inset mirror with small border tile.

The bath panel was tiled with matching tiles. This gives it a solid look.

This bathroom has our standard suit fitted. (SEE OUR STANDARD BATHROOM).

Tiled bath panel


Thanks for the great job with our new bathroom. Hazel and I are extremely pleased with the end result and cannot believe the transformation in such a short space of time. Had we of known how painless the process would be, be would have had you round much earlier!

Great service, value for money and a high quality of workmanship. We could not have asked for more. Thank you to yourself and Paul for your great efforts.

Please see the attached pictures. Before/during/after photos.

Martyn Fulcher June 2008

OH NO We've wrecked the room.

I thought he said painless?
It looks worse than it is and does not take long to put right. But it gives you an idea of the work involved.


Martyn Fulchers Bathroom.

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Brick effect.

This bathroom has been tiled with the tiles on their side in a brick style. This is becoming more common and makes a nice change without going over the top with colour. It can be done with the cheapest of tiles and is very effective.
Again we mounted a large mirror into the tiles. The floor was tilled with black floor tiles.

Inset mirror with small border tile.

Mr. Oxborrow's Bathroom.

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A collection of Vanity Units.

Here is a smart way to hide pipe work and give storage. This works very well and looks Great. This is not a large bathroom and yet the units do not dominate the room. The Floor is a quality laminate from Topps Tiles.

What Albert Chivers has to say.

In recommending you to anyone I would have to say..... " Alan (Apollo Design) was the jack of all trades and master of ALL. In refurbishing my bathroom his skills were plenty evident in the way he tackled the Plumbing, Tiling and Flooring. When overcoming the inevitable builders' problems he always took time and effort to choose the best solution rather than the easiest and quickest. I value his helpful advice in making the numerous choices involved in creating that 'smart' finished look that one sees in the magazines. We were so impressed by the results, and value for money, that we have asked Alan to do a similar dream job on our downstairs cloakroom. I cannot recommend Alan and Apollo more highly."

Thanks again
Albert _________________________________________________________________

Extra storage

Enclosed cistern

Smart Look.

Vanity Units.

This is a triple vanity unit in gloss white.The centre draw unit gives a lot of extra storage.
The walls are tilled with an ice blue coloured tile with a blue border.

Centre draw unit.

Mirrored cabinet.


Trevers Bathroom.

Vanity Units.

Here is another vanity unit. This also works very well and looks Great. This is an even smaller bathroom. But being white the units do not look overpowering. The WC is hidden around the corner, it used to be where the basin is but we suggested a swap as this gives more room and looks nicer.

Folded shower screen

A lot of storage

Mrs Warne's Bathroom.

Vanity Units.

Here is another vanity unit. Also white and as the bathroom is a bit bigger we added another draw unit. It also has a folding shower screen to give more room. The floor is a slate tile effect laminate.

Folded shower screen

A lot of storage

Jenny's Bathroom.

Vanity Units.

Here is yet another vanity unit, looks Great. This is not a small bathroom and does the unit much justice. The black tiled floor goes great with the unit top.

A lot of storage

Mrs Knight's Bathroom.

Vanity Units.

Another superb vanity unit. The walls are tilled with a stone effect coloured tile with a stone mosaic border.
Again we inserted a large mirror into the tiled wall over the bath.

Inset mirror with small border tile.

Curved shower screen

Curved shower screen

Mr. Applegates Bathroom.

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Half pedestal.

This is another bathroom with a half pedestal. This meant burying the pipes in the wall.
It is extra work, but the clean lines make it well worth it.
The full floor space gives the illusion of a larger room This shows off the floor to its best.
The floor is actually a laminate to look like tiles.
This has several advantages. It is cheaper to lay, warmer to the bare foot and can be taken up and re laid if ever needed.
We removed the skirting and replaced it with new. This was to avoid using the traditional beading used to cover the expansion space needed for the laminate. We think that the beading looks wrong and gives away the fact that is a laminate. So the new skirting covers the gap.

What Mr Clarke has to say.

We would like to thank you for the great job you did on our bathroom, The half pedestal sink makes the bathroom seem more spacious.The wall tiling is excellent also the laminate flooring looks like real tiles. We would not be afraid to recommend you to other people. we will be in touch with you at a later date about our kitchen floor .Thank you for a very professional job . June and Dick Clarke _________________________________________________________________


Half pedestal

Mr Clarke's Bathroom.

Black and White Theme.

Another Black & White theme. This one also has a mirror tiled into the wall with a black boarder tile around it. Makes a great feature in a plain room.
Here is another way to hide pipe work. It can be boxed in and tiled over. This is a very popular way of dealing with pipe work.

Mirror set into the tiles

Freestanding bath

Margaret's Bathroom.

Yet more Black and White.

Another Black & White theme. This room has large white tiles with a black patterned border and black floor tiles.

Random patten tiles

Kathy's Bathroom.

Our Standard Suite.

This bathroom has been fitted with a standard suite. The wall tiles are a very light grey with a very very faint patten. The floor tiles are Reddish beige finished with a sandstone grout from Topps Tiles.

Another economy suite

Dave's Bathroom.

Terry's Bathroom.

Here the pipe work was rerouted to accommodate a freestanding bath with centre taps.

Phew, what goes where?



The pipe work carried out first. The sink has been moved from the right hand wall to accommodate a new toilet.
This bathroom did not have a WC as there is a separate one next door. But it was big enough to accommodate one. We just cut through the outer wall for the soil pipe.
The tiling is carried out next so the sink and cistern can be mounted on the tiles rather than cutting the tiles around the suite.

Victorian look

Cream tiles with green skirting tile.


Here is the freestanding bath mentioned above.

Victorian look


White and green.

The finished bathroom with freestanding bath. Bright and clean with an old fashioned traditional look.

Finished at last.


Toby's Bathroom

Again, clean, bright white with just a touch of blue in a mosaic border that has a Mediterranean feel. You can add to the colour with matching towels and a rug or bathmat. Note the mirror has been set into the tiles.

Set in mirror with mosaic border

Blue Theme.


If you would like some colour and do not like white? Think about some of the 'stone effect' tiles. These have a Mediterranean look that should last.
The floor is tiled with stone tiles.

Stone effect tiles

Warm look.


Same room again.

Old fashioned suite.


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